Security Letterbox

Satisfied Security Letterbox Owners Say...

I have had my Security letterbox for 6 years now. I find it really helpful, my cheques and confidential information are safe and secure as nobody can reach my mail. It also stays dry. I have recommended the product to many of my customers and friends, many of whom have now purchased.
Gillian Melhop
– Dressmaker, Christchurch

From my experience having served with the New Zealand Police, mail like all other property can be the subject of theft. Any security measure you take regarding the protection of your property and assets, justifies consideration.
Security letterbox provides that level of protection against mail theft that no other product on the market can provide.

Craig Williams
– FBI Security, Christchurch

Thank you for supplying us with the Security letterbox. No longer do we have papers, advertising leaflets or, more importantly personal mail jammed in our letterbox and on show for everyone.
What is also great is that we can go away for a few days without the hassle of finding someone to clear the letterbox. With the Security letterbox all our mail stays safely locked inside and dry.
Thanks once again for your professional service and a quality product. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending the Security letterbox to all home-owners.
J & C Brown
- Homeowners, Auckland

We have great pleasure in confirming that we have used the Security letterboxes in our shared driveway homes in the Mt Taylor Drive subdivision.
The clients are very happy with them, as they are well constructed and weatherproof. They also hold a large amount of mail. As builders we are also pleased with the back-up and service.
Fyfe Homes
Fletcher Residential

Safety Tip Five - Be A Good Neighbour
Good neighbours should look out for each other. Get to know your neighbours on each side of your home and the three directly across the street. Invite them into your home, communicate often, and establish trust. Good neighbours will watch out for your home or apartment when you are away, if you ask them. They can report suspicious activity to the police or to you while you are away.