Security Letterbox

About Us

Security Letterbox is one of its kind in New Zealand and Australia; a unique design with room for up to a fortnight's worth of the average household's mail.

With mail theft on the increase, Security Letterbox was designed and manufactured in New Zealand to deter the opportunist burglar. A high percentage of home burglaries can now be traced to overflowing letterboxes. Letters and packages simply cannot be reached through the postal slot.

Considerable market research demonstrates Security Letterbox appeals to people who want security and peace of mind and know their mail and personal information is secure when they are away from home.
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Hints & Tips

Safety Tip Six - Secure Sliding Doors
Many sliding glass doors are secured by latches not locks. They are vulnerable to being forced open from the outside because of these inherently defective latch mechanisms. This can be easily be prevented by inserting a wooden dowel or stick into the track thus preventing or limiting movement. Other blocking devices available are metal fold-down blocking devices called "charley bars" and various track-blockers that can be screwed down.