Security Letterbox

It's sad but true…

…mail theft is on the increase in New Zealand. And even more worrying it is estimated that a staggering number of home burglaries can now be traced to overflowing letterboxes. A large percentage of burglaries are committed during daylight and many are committed by ‘opportunist’ burglars looking for an easy opportunity, in other words signs that there is nobody at home — such as an overflowing letterbox.

But you can make a difference…

The Security Letterbox is one way you can improve the odds in your favour. As its name implies, this sturdy, attractive letterbox will virtually eliminate mail theft and perhaps even more importantly, ensure that a bulging letterbox never alerts an opportunist burglar to your absence.

With mail theft on the increase, Security Letterbox was designed and manufactured in New Zealand to deter the opportunist burglar. A high percentage of home burglaries can now be traced to overflowing letterboxes. We see the Security Letterbox as one way New Zealanders can help improve the odds in their favour.

Considerable market research demonstrates Security Letterbox appeals to people who want security and peace of mind and know their mail and personal information is secure when they are away from home. Ideal for residential, small business, schools, play centres, multiple apartment situations, as a drop box for a variety of businesses and many other uses.
Security Letterbox is committed to keep you, your family, home, and neighbourhood safe. Check each page on this site for HINTS & TIPS for home security.

Safety Tip One - Lighting
Interior lighting is necessary to show signs of life and activity inside a residence at night. A darken home night-after-night sends the message to burglars that you are away on a trip. Light timers are inexpensive and can be found everywhere. They should be used on a daily basis, not just when you're away. In this way you set up a routine that your neighbors can observe and will allow them to become suspicious when your normally lighted home becomes dark.

Safety Tip Two - Home Safes
Since the prices of good home safes are falling, having a safe in your home is a wise investment. Home safes are designed to keep the smash and grab burglar, nosey kids, dishonest babysitter or housekeeper from gaining access to important documents and personal property. Home safes need to be anchored into the floor or permanent shelving.